Ghi điểm Speaking và Writing bằng synonyms
Sử dụng synonyms là một trong những cách giúp bài làm của bạn academic hơn và ghi điểm vocabulary với giám khảo. Thay vì sử dụng các từ ngữ thông dụng như: good, helpful, ideal… bạn có thể sử dụng các synonyms để ghi điểm từ vựng cho bài Speaking hoặc Writing.
Common AdjectiveLess Common Synonyms
Good (Beneficial)Beneficial, helpful
beneficial for environment
Healthy (food)nutritious, wholesome
I try to eat wholesome food.
These day, people in my country don’t eat very nutritious food.
Helpful (ready to give help)Supportive, cooperative
A very supportive work environment
A perfect house
importantmajor, significant, essential, vital (= very important)
I think it’s essential for school to have computers.
I think parents play a vital role in a child’s upbringing
intelligentsmart, clever, bright
a clever child a bright student,
a smart businessman
interestingintriguing, engaging, fascinating (= very interesting)
I watched a fascinating documentary on wolves
late (person)tardy, behind time
Being tardy is considered to be a bad character in my country
mainprincipal, major
The principal industries in my country are tourism and textiles.
an unforgettable holiday
moderncontemporary, present-day, up-to-date
I prefer contemporary buildings to old fashioned ones.
negative (impact, effect)undesirable, detrimental
I think technology has had an undesirable impact on society
old-fashionedoutdated, unfashionable, out- of- style
An outdated method of learning, unfashionable clothes
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